Strumming Partner is a guitar and ukulele strumming tutor that provides a variety of different strumming patterns and features recordings of real instruments. You can use five sliders to control how the pattern is played as follows: 1. Metronome with accent on the first beat (Volume: 0 - 100) 2. Human count of 1, 2, etc (Volume: 0 - 100) 3. Human description of the various strums within the pattern (Volume: 0 - 100) 4: The actual strums that form the pattern (Volume: 0 - 100) 5 The tempo of the pattern (Beats Per Minute: 40 - 200) You can select from a variety of strumming patterns with different styles and for various styles of music. The Pro version allows editing of Preset patterns as well as creating and editing your own User patterns. There are also extra Patterns available in the Pro version compared to the Free version.
Operating System Android