LIMITED TIME OFFER: STAGELIGHT ANDROID CORE UNLOCK ONLY $1. 99. Make beats. Mix loops. Create full songs with vocal tracks. Any style, anywhere, for free. Stagelight is the easiest way to create music. Anyone can do it. Unleash your inner music maker and get crackin' on the best DAW for Android. Stagelight Free Includes: Lessons and Tutorials including: Building a beat- Learning how to record instruments- Editing Audio and MIDI- much more. Loopbuilder Mode: Never before has music creation and performance been this easy. LoopBuilder is a loop-style production feature that enables anyone to build music quickly. Choose from thousands of sounds in Stagelight's vast loop library or record your own loops. It doesn't matter if you're just starting out, a seasoned DJ or a professional music producer, LoopBuilder delivers a fun, easy and powerful tool for all types of music styles. Built-in Instruments including: Drum Track- Integrated Drum Machine with Step Sequencer- AutoFill: Swipe to create simple beats with a gesture- Best beat maker on Android. 5 keyboard instruments with unlockable features: ElectroSynth: 3 Voice Synthesizer with 2 LFO's and built in effects - ElectroKeys: Realistic vintage keyboards and pianos- ElectroBass: Sampled electric basses and more - ElectroGuitars: Sampled acoustic and electric guitars- ElectroOrgans: Vintage organ sounds- ElectroPulse: 3 Voice PWM Synthesizer4 free effects included: Equalizer- Compressor- Delay- FlangerKey Lock: Anyone can play piano with Stagelight. Choose from any of the included on-screen instruments with keys and start making flawless music. Key Lock allows you to maintain the proper key and scale of your song without ever hitting a bad note. Audio Recording: Record audio using your tablet's built-in microphone or Class Compliant USB Audio device when running a supported Android 5. 0+ deviceMIDI Device Support (Requires Android 6. 0+) Sharing: Stagelight provides social sharing by connecting you directly to Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Tumblr and email via SoundCloudMobile Portability: Projects created in Stagelight for Android can be imported into Stagelight for Windows. Go to www.openlabs.com and get your free copy. Stagelight Store: Get advanced DAW features, Sounds and Effects from the in-app Stagelight Store including: Timeline and Automation Record, arrange and edit your songs in Timeline Mode using our easy editing tools and advanced features such as automation. Additional Drum Machine Features: Built-in Drum Editor for tweaking your drum sounds - Velocity graph editing- Add your own drum samplesUnlock controls for all built-in Instruments: ElectroSynth- Electro Instrument Suite- ElectroPulse10 unlockable effects: BitCrusher- Chorus- Filter- Limiter- Reverb- AutoFilter- AutoWah- Gater - Glitch6 - DriveLoops and Sounds: Choose from dozens of Loops and Sound Packs, including exclusive content from Timbaland and Linkin ParkMinimum device specs: Dual-Core CPU. 1024 x 768 resolution screen. 1GB RAM. 300MB of free space. Android 4. 4+Recommended device specs are: Quad-Core CPU. 2GB RAM or moreNeed support? Check out our forums here. http://forums. openlabs.com/orGo to http://support. openlabs.com/ and submit a ticket. We're here to help.
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