For aspiring pianists and music lovers alike is an app to make learning songs for piano easy and fun, without needing the ability to read sheet music. Midi Melody for Android is similar in function and appearance to Synthesia, a popular computer program which displays falling notes corresponding to keys played on a piano. Not only does this allow for a pleasant visualization of MIDI files, but also serves as an effective learning tool for those who are incapable of sight reading. Because tapping the screen of a phone or tablet doesn't offer the learning experience of playing on a real piano, Midi Melody allows you to connect your own digital piano via USB - Play along on your own piano with the falling notes at your own pace. Otherwise, Midi Melody can also play a MIDI file back for you, so you can see which keys to press and when - No need for sheet music. Enjoy practicing and learning new music in a fun way with your smartphone or tablet, and impress your friends with your newfound ability to play piano. Features: Clean, polished interface. Automatically displays MIDI files in your Download and Music directories. Browse local and external SD card to locate and open MIDI files. Play from a MIDI capable digital piano or Synthesizer via USB (Requires USB OTG capable device) Lengthen or shrink falling note sizes Show notes on the virtual piano keys. Change color of falling notes; left and right hands can be different colors if the MIDI file contains separate tracks. Choose between 128 different instruments. Please email me if you want to report a bug or problem, have any feature suggestions, or if you are unable to connect your digital piano or synthesizer. Tags: midi files - usb - keyboard - piano - synthesia android - midi controller.
Operating System Android