Tape-a-Talk Pro Voice Recorder

Tape-a-Talk Pro let's you record audio sources of any type. High quality, unlimited recording with screen off. Save your recordings to external storage. Pause/Rewind/FF like with a dictation machine. More features, compared to the free version: higher recording quality. more settings. choose from multiple different color themes. Here comes the overall list of the most important functions (there are more. ) : Record. Record in high or low quality, in background and with pause function (. wav). backwards/fast-forward during a recording as with your analog dictation machine (. wav). Visualizing Waveform. Record by WidgetShare. Send, rename and delete recordings. Fast Send, custom mail recipients (pro). upload to Dropbox, FTP (needs additional apps) Manage. Choose recordings as ringtone. Cut recordings (only wav). Sorting by name, date, size, length. Choose storage folder. Samplerate and -format can be configured in the settings (working modes may vary from device to device). and much more. Feel free to send comments, criticism and and general feedback via email. We look forward to helping you and improving Tape-a-Talk Pro even further. Permissions explained: write to external storage (to store recordings) - record audio- change settings (to set ringtone).
Operating System Android