The view of our spinning globe from outer space is and will be breathtaking forever. This handy tool shows an accurate NASA longitude & latitude map location projected onto a 3D globe of the earth. A small pink circle pinpoints your current geo-location based on iPhone's GIS data and iPod's triangular Wi-Fi calculation. The 3D projection of the globe rotates slowly on its axis to simulate the earths real rotation. Swipe the globe to the west & east to change the rotation direction. 3D GeoGlobe is loaded with features & functionality. It will show your current direction on a 360�° compass rose, your altitude all while reading your average velocity in 5 different units of measure of your choosing (i.e. m/s, km/hr, ft/sec, mph, and nautical knots). Exact variance values for current horizontal and vertical accuracy of the received signal are also displayed. For the world traveler, either physically or virtually, Geo-Globe provides an accurate clock showing your local time and the relation to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time ) or UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). Perhaps the most beloved feature is the ability to save photos of the displayed screen to share with friends & associates or to help you remember the location of special events or things. The 3D Geo-Globe application may be displayed (and saved to photos) against a black or white background. Landscape & Portrait views are supported and seamlessly transitioned with device rotation. Of course a 'Map it' button taking you to GoogleMaps is included to provide you with the current mailing address and travel directions, to accompany your 3D global position.
Price USD 2.99
License Purchase
File Size 8.58 MB
Version 1.0
Operating System iOS, iPhone OS 3.x, iPhone OS 4.x
System Requirements None