BassWorkshop X

Besides the improved "Bass Parts" and "Set 'er up", we added a whole bunch of new features to "Tuner" and "Scales and Notes". In "Tuner" we added more tuning options, so that you have different options for your brand new bass. You might also notice that it is not much of a dramatic difference from the previous release. But if you look more closely, there now is a little button that says "Advanced" at the bottom right hand corner. Click on that and a pop-up window comes out, and shows you tuning options for 7-12 stringed basses. That's right. You read it. 7-12 stringed basses. And what's more, you have alternative tuning options. Just like the "Tuner" feature, we added 7-12 stringed basses and multiple tunings for the "Scales and Notes" feature. There are also lefties, so you can now select left hand or right hand, the number of strings your bass has, select your tuning, and there you go. You can view all the notes on your bass. You might also have noticed that there are little buttons on the bottom saying things like "C", "C#/Db", "D", etc. Try clicking on one of those and the corresponding notes show on the fretboard. So if you clicked "C" all the "C"s on the fretboard will show up. We also added the "Knowledge Base" where you can learn all sorts of stuff about a bass! You can learn the parts that make up a bass, how to set up your new or old bass, and what types of bass there are in this world. With the all new BassWorkshop, the 7-12 stringed bass support, with lefties added, and a dirt cheap price, how can you say "No" to this program?
Price USD 15.99
License Free to try
File Size 4.53 MB
Version 4.0
Operating System Windows, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
System Requirements None