This iMovie plug provides three color processors to emphasise strong colors, heightening their contrast, while leaving weak colors untouched. Use this plug to strengthen strong colors, giving them more emphasis and contrast. Features: Area of effect : Define the area of the clip you want to be affected by the plug-in. all other parts of the clip remain untouched. Match: Use this slider to broaden or limit the colors that the plug will accept as strong (the plug regards a color as 'strong' if it is close to either extreme of the spectrum - full dark or full bright). if you move the slider all the way to the right, all colors will be regarded as strong. Emphasis: This controls how much emphasis a strong color will receive. Method: This pop-up determines how the color processor should determine emphasis. in 'individual' mode, all channels are regarded independently of each other. If a channel fulfils the 'match' criterium, it is emphasized. in combined mode, the processor is more strict, and only emphasizes those colors that (in average) meet the 'match' criterium. 'full match' is the strictest, and this method will only emphasize those colors whose three channels (red, green and blue) all fit the 'match' condition.
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Operating System Macintosh Mac OS X 10.2