SoundFisher is a sound effects database management system featuring content-based recognition and retrieval. You import your sound effects from local disk, network file systems, CD-ROMs, and the Internet, and SoundFisher lets you sort them by acoustic similarity. It handles AIFF, WAV (uncompressed), SDII, and AU file formats -- sorry, no mp3's yet. Suppose you have a sound of tires screeching around a corner, but it's not quite right. Let SoundFisher find other similar sounds in your library. Maybe it's another automotive clip; maybe it's the sound of a nighthawk; maybe it's the sound of a squeaky door being open. SoundFisher hears what you hear. It knows the sonic quality of sounds you're seeking based on the examples you provide. It's kind of like having a database with ears. Of course, SoundFisher also offers all the text-based queries you'd expect in a sound archiving system, but only SoundFisher brings you "sounds-like" searching. SoundFisher has a familiar, browser-based look and feel with multiple views. Brought to you by Muscle Fish, the pioneers of advanced audio search technology.
Operating System Windows Windows NT Windows 98 Windows NT 4
System Requirements
  • Windows 98 or NT4 (no Win 2000 or XP yet)
  • 64 MB RAM (minimum)Ã??Ã?¯Ã??Ã?¿Ã??Ã?½
  • SoundBlaster compatible sound hardware