WhereMyDVD is easy-to-use, multi-functional software for CD/DVD disks management. Working with the speed of modern SQL databases, our program doesn't require complicated installing and configuring database management system. There is no need to learn complicated command line procedures or to decipher multiple menu systems full of cryptic options. It allows to organize your favorite discs into categories Adding items to the database is very easy, adding CDs can even be done without any typing. Just insert a disc in your drive. Adding lended discs is easy too, only type the title and description. making search for necessary files with supersonic speed and just in one second Use the Search tab to find all discs, files, folders that contain the word you type or ever Regular Expression entered. Once you have added a discs to the base, you can view it in the Browse tab. It is possible to show a simple list of all disks in category. All lists are sorted instantly, just by clicking the column headers. Also you can sort on any field, e.g. title or label, or on purchase date. determine where is your favorite disc, which has been given to your friend month ago DVDCommander allows you to keep track of discs you loan to your friends. Just log which disc you loaned and to whom and you will always know where your missing discs are. export your base or search results Using the Export feature you can generate HTML pages of your search results, for use on your homepage or to printing out.
Price USD 29.95
License Free to try
File Size 2.03 MB
Version 1.5.0
Operating System Windows 95, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 98, Windows, Windows XP, Windows NT
System Requirements None