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Experience a whole new XRay . Completely rewritten it combines the ease of use of XRay 2 with the rich features of XRay 3. XRay generates high-quality MAC, PC and DVD player compatible MPEG4 movies in AVI format in real time*. XRay 3 imports now not only DVD movies, but also every QuickTime movie, every Xvid AVI and every possible mpeg track. Import QuickTime movies Import now all your QuickTime movies. XRay 4 now supports any QuickTime movie like your own home videos made with iMovie. You can use XRay 4 to burn DVDs with your home videos in MPEG4 format. Import AVI movies Have you downloaded movies from the internet and they don't want to playback on you DVD-Player? No Problem, import the AVI file into XRay 4 and convert it compatible to your DVD-Player. Import every MPEG formats XRay 4 also supports all MPEG movies like VCD, SVCD, DVD, DVB and many more. Import DVD Titles XRay 4 lets you import DVD Titles from a VIDEO_TS folder seamlessly. All you have to do, is select a VIDEO_TS folder on your hard disk and select the DVD Titles you want to import. Importing DVD Titles instead of importing all files seperately leverages XRay 's ability of showing the language description of every audio and subtitle track: The new Realtime Player XRay 4 is now not only able to convert your movies but also to playback every imported movie in real time. The movie player can play and pause the movie and can skip to any possible movie time. Where available you can choose between different audio tracks and display the movie's subtitle. It also plays back in fullscreen mode. No need to install any codec anymore to view all kinds of movie material! Suffisticated Thread Management With XRay 4 you are able to export more than one movie simultaniously. The thread management of the exports window lets you start and pause your exports and lets you assign priority levels of how much processor power should be used to encode the export. Project Management XRay 4 is equipped with a sophisticated project management. Several movies can be imported in one project. Every movie can be edited separately. Import the entire folder containing movies with just one mouse click. The project can be saved in a file at any time and reloaded at a later time. Recording on CD-ROM XRay 4 records movies created by you on CD/DVD-ROMs which are compatible with DVD players. The program remembers every place of every movie that you have created. Select the clips from this list and start the recording process. Record your movies with two mouse clicks and without any additional software. XRay 4 writes on all common CD formats. (CD-R, CD-RW and DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R and DVD-RW) Strong performance The XRay 4 technology works in real time and faster. Based on our CMF technology, it offers the user a high-value video compression and a fast conversion speed. DVD movies are converted in real time and faster, according to the Mac-Power. XRay 4 is optimized for multiprocessor Macs.
Price USD39
License Purchase
File Size 5.44 MB
Version 4.1.0
Operating System Mac OS X 10.3 Macintosh
System Requirements
  • Mac OS X 10.3 or higher
  • 800 MHz G4 processor or faster
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