iRADIOmast is the ultimate iTunes radio guide! The ONLY iTunes radio plugin. THOUSANDS of new radio stations! New genres like Turntablism and Ragga-Jungle. Pre-paid, free 1 day subscription available (credit card not required). Fast, easy installer/uninstaller. Compatible with other iTunes plugins. Large US Weather station directory. Provides basic iTunes radio stations. Includes the US Emergency Weather channels. We are a small group of people who love Internet radio. Future updates do not require downloads. Uses the existing iTunes User Interface. Is compatible with "slitunes", a Second Life (virtual world) plugin that brings iTunes music to your "Land" so your virtual guests can listen. iTunes remote controllers can change the iTunes/iRADIOmast stations and adjust volume.
File Size434.57 kB
Operating System Windows Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows 2003
System Requirements
  • iTunes 4.7.1 (or greater) and broadband internet connection.