Flash AV player is a skinnable Flash application that streams folders of MP3, SWF, & JPEG files by loading all necessary playlists data from an XML file. It is made to broadcast any media content: from an MP3 file to a Quicktime movie. It comes with 4 skins -- the Aquavideo player, the Basic player, the CD player and the Aqua player -- that can be embedded in a web page to stream sound or movies on the Internet. Features: The Application:Preloads and plays sound tracks (SWF or MP3), movie tracks embeded in a SWF file, and JPEG files. Loading of playlists managed through an XML file. Comments and background images/animations can be assigned to each track (SWF or JPEG). Bufering time according to the size of the loaded track and the speed of the connection. Auto resize of graphics. Dynamic background: the background color and alpha properties of the player can be redefined when embeding the .swf Search engine for the playlist sectionFlash 5 plugin detection. Skinnable. The Skins: Playback controls: play, pause, stop, wind, rewind, next track, previous track. Play mode options : Play all, loop track, repeat all, single track (pauses at the end of each track), random. Auto play and Auto loop. Volume control. Dragable cursor following the time line. Loading progress bar. Tracks Information display (playlist name, track name, track total time). Choice of 3 encodings (the player choose the default Kbps you specifie) Instant Playlist browsing/switching with direct controls. An URL link can be defined and displayed for each playlist. Timer (old style or digital type - depends of the skin). Virtual leds (analogic or digital - depends of the skin) tuned to the volume set level.
File Size409.18 kB
Operating System Macintosh Mac OS X 10.2 Mac OS Classic Mac OS X 10.3 Mac OS X 10.1 Mac OS X 10.0
System RequirementsAny Web browser with Flash 6 plug-in