Sombrero MPG is a powerful and free software tool to search for lots of tracks and artists introducing a respectable online music collection. Artists and record labels are able to upload unlimited songs to the Sombrero MPG database. And listeners are able to listen to those songs - just as unlimited. Search for tracks in Sombrero MPG, then play it. And if you are a PREMIUM member, you are able to play the whole albums made by the Sombrero MPG artists! All the music plays live and there's no need to wait for songs to download. It all comes directly from the "clouds". If you are an artist or a record label, Sombrero MPG is a free software tool that is to provide you an advanced system designed for both experienced musicians and beginners to efficiently promote and sell your music on the Internet. And if you are just a listener, Sombrero MPG gets you connected to a fantastic online collection of various genres and songs from all over the world. Being a Sombrero MPG member doesn't cost a thing - it's completely free. It stands for both artists, record labels and listeners. Everyone is able to access the Sombrero MPG music database for free. But - PREMIUM members are only able to access the full albums made by the Sombrero MPG artists. Using Sombrero MPG is easy, fast and user-friendly. While enjoying the music, listeners also help artists and record labels get their royalties - the more listeners there are, the more money artists and labels will make. It's all so simple and fair with Sombrero MPG - therefore it's a unique music service in the world.
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System RequirementsMicrosoft .NET Framework 2.0