FreezBeat adds a feature missing in most popular mdeia players...YOU! The concept is simple; why should your music keep playing when you're not listening? FreezBeat takes care of that for you. When you're not at your computer, it pauses your music or podcast. When you come back, FreezBeat notices and resumes playback from where you left off. You'll never miss a beat again. FreezBeat watches for simple things that happen on your computer that indicate your presence. You're probably not listening to music if your screensaver is running, or your computer is locked. If you unlock your workstation or stop the screensaver, you're back. It's that easy! FreezBeat's usefulness doesn't stop there though -- whenever you press a hotkey, your player is paused. Another keypress resumes playback.
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Operating System Windows Windows 2003 Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP