File Audio Processor is a complete File Manager for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP, File Renamer, ID3 Audio Tagger, CD Audio Grabber, CDDB Database aware, Audio Recorder, Audio Converter and Audio file Editor, also has two Audio Players and Playlist Manager. Supported audio formats: MP3, MP2, WMA, OGG Vorbis, WAV, Compressed WAV,GSM, RAW, VOX, G726, G723, G721. File Renamer comes with support for mass renaming and has special powerful rename options for audio and other audio files. You can change the file name to any format you wish. Audio Tagger is a ID3 Tag manager for MP3,MP2,OGG and WAV files, supports ID3 tag v1 to v2.3. CD Audio Grabber let you copy fast and easy CD Audio Tracks to hard drive, you can copy directly to WAV,MP3,WMA,OGG. CDDB Database supports a web-based or local cddb database, allow to submit new or revised data to an on-line database. Audio Recorder allow you to record audio data to various files. Playlist Manager is designed to work with standard m3u playlist files . Audio Converter allow direct conversion between variety audio files. Audio Editor has many features like Audio Join for merging audio files, delete silence, applying filters, effects and much more. Program has special Batch operation function: Rename - Tag - Convert - Copy or Move to any location in your computer it is fast and easy to use. Everything is integrated with the File Manager. File Manager is similar to Windows Explorer and in addition includes Link Validator for LNK and PIF file. File Searcher with many search options. Program has much more file manipulation commands and can for e.g: Split & Merge files. Wildcard Copy-Move-Delete. Join files together. You can also compare folders and files, maintain a list of favorites, view the log file, change file attributes. Picture Viewer with many features is also included. Friendly interface allow use custom textures,skins, change view styles, colors and fonts.
File Size11.25 MB
Operating System Windows 95 Windows XP Windows Windows 2000 Windows 98 Windows NT
System Requirements
  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP