Whether you play your music in the car or at home, you regularly see wrong information or it simply is not how you like it. A lot of programs out there can help you changing it the way you like it, but some are quite hard to use or are a little bit out-of-date. FreeTagNavigator has been designed because most programs are not user-friendly. FreeTagNavigator is quick, easy, low on resources and is Freeware. You can edit most of the usual ID3 tags and will be written to ID3v1.1 and/or ID3v2.4. You can build the tags from the filename and/or folder name or you can enter the tags yourself by an easy-to-use interface designed for mass tagging. Filenames can also be renamed by using the existing tags or you can edit the filenames with some very handy functions. Most information found in the tag will be read and saved again, it is only not shown in this version because the program is not yet ready for this. Support and editing for ID3v2.3 + ID3v2.4 information will be extended in the next version soon.
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