Everest: Hidden Expedition

Brave climbers who challenge an ascent up Everest endure some of the harshest weather on the planet. Frigid temperatures and unpredictable snowstorms work fast to drain a climber's energy. For many, the best way to fuel-up is to munch on frozen sticks of butter. What normally would got straight to the gut is instantly turned into precious heat, the body absorbing the fat in an effort to survive. Plenty of polished features ensure Everest: Hidden Expedition is easy to use, yet that isn't enough for a compelling game. There's virtually no variety in gameplay across dozens of search scenes. It's great for a distraction here and there, but the motives for embarking on this expedition for longer than a few minutes at a time are hidden to us.
File Size117 MB
Operating System Mobile iPhone OS 2.x
System RequirementsiPhone OS 2.x