In Fieldrunners, you are both an Army engineer and a general. Your job is to prevent the oncoming enemies from crossing the battlefield. There is only one way in and one way out for the invading hordes, and they won't stop until their numbers are exhausted. That's after 100 raiding attacks are sent or until 20 of their units reach the field's exit. Your job is to position and build towers to impede the competing army's progress. Among your arsenal of towers are the Gatling Gun (a short range, quick firing, decent damage weapon), the Goo Tower (a tower that slows approaching enemies, but does no physical damage), the Missile Tower (which shoots at long range and whose munitions will follow an enemy unit across the field), and the Tesla Tower (which shoots powerful lightning bolts at its unlucky opponents causing massive amounts of damage). The game play offers something for beginners and advanced tower defense aficionados. It offers three levels of difficulty, which increase the enemy's ability to take hits and the amount of points scored for each kill.
File Size9.2 MB
Operating System iPhone OS 2.x Mobile
System RequirementsiPhone OS 2.x