There are a decent amount of levels that all increase in difficulty. The first few you can breeze by but as you get higher the goal line gets higher. It doesn't help that you are also challenged by a time limit. This gives the game some sense of urgency. You can't just take your sweet time building this large wide tower. You have to get those pieces together and balanced rather quickly. There are three modes to choose from in Topple: training, free play and levels. Training gives you all of the information on how to play the game. In short, it's a tutorial plain and simple. Levels let's you choose whichever level you have already beaten and play again, you unlock the higher levels by beating the one before it. Free play is a fun little mode because you can get a little creative. You have no time limit and no goal line. You can simply create a massive tower or any other creation that comes to your head.
File Size8.9 MB
Operating System Mobile iPhone OS 2.x
System RequirementsiPhone OS 2.x