Colorblind? Unsure or confused about the color of things? Then Colorblind Helper is exactly what you need. Based on cutting-edge research, Colorblind Helper helps people with colorblindness identify and find colors, e.g., show me all the football players wearing red, tell me whether my trousers are pink or the leaves on a tree are green. Simply launch Colorblind Helper on your iPhone, take a photo and choose a specific color to find in the photo. Or touch different parts of the photo and get an easily understood description of the color under your fingertip, e.g., blue, brown, red with some yellow, yellow with some orange, etc. Color Names: Touch an on-screen photo and Colorblind Helper tells you what the color under your fingertip is.- Color Finder: Allows you to locate a specific color in a photo. Just select the color you wish to find from the selection list and it will be highlighted on the screen, while the rest of the photo fades to gray.
LicenseFree to try
File Size2 MB
Operating System iPhone OS 2.x Mobile
System RequirementsiPhone or iPod Touch; iPhone OS 2.x