New HoobieDoobie Album

The HoobieDoobies first burst onto the music scene in 2004 with their electrosynth hit single Hole in the Universe. Their next single, the bluegrass/acoustic guitar celebration Mood of the West, took the sound of the band into a completely different direction, transforming a collective whose output many were comparing to The Faint and Daft Punk into something much more versatile and widely appealing. HoobieDoobies have returned from extensive time in the studio with a full, EP length release, Where Theres Fire, Theres. This debut album explores the outer reaches of sonic expression, running the gamut of genres from techno to acoustic alternative, hard hitting rock, contemplative electronica all the way to epic orchestral. The potential that many suspected the HoobieDoobies might have is realized in superb fashion in this gathering together of their work. Music lovers the world over can only hope that they sustain the blistering level of quality they have achieved here in their next release. For now, however, it should be enough to just pop their cd into your sound system and relax during the lows, nod and dance furiously during the highs, and appreciate what has so far been delivered. The HoobieDoobies have finally landed.
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