mcdj is live audio management and automation software. It has been designed for the mobile DJ. Wether the user is a professional DJ or a beginner, it doesn't matter as it suits all kinds of needs. The first and most essential feature are the dual audio players for continuous playback of music. The radio DJ will require the built-in sample player for playing jingles and advertisements at the touch of a key. The adventurous DJ will require the Karaoke Player and Editor which allows the playing and the creating of Karaoke patterns. The more advanced DJ will make use of the MCI tagging technology which allows them to attach information to each track, like ratings, number of times played and general useful information that a DJ needs to select his or her tracks. Bringing this all together is the user friendly interface and easy-to-use setup facility, along with a huge number of additional features.
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Operating System Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows NT Windows 98 Windows
System Requirements<li>Windows XP/2000/98/NT <li>Our software is designed to work best with Windows XP. It is recommended that you upgrade to Windows XP if you can. <li>1024 x 768 screen resolution minimum (best) or higher. Many functions are designed to work only with 1024 x 768 screen resolution. So, even if your screen can go higher than this, it's best to reduce it. <li>64MB RAM. 128MB or higher recommended. <li>350Mhz processor. 600 Mhz or higher recommended. <li>Direct X 9.0a drivers. Please install this before installing mcdj. <li>Windows Media Player 9. Please install this before installing mcdj. <li>Sound output device. <li>Lots of music. The more the better.