Movie Tools includes seven small utilities: Convert To MP3 v2.1: Convert a QuickTime movie into an MP3 file. Convert To AAC v1.1: Convert a QuickTime movie into an AAC file. Convert To AIFF v1.1: Convert a QuickTime movie into an AIFF file. Split Movie Tracks v1.1: Split a multi-track QuickTime movie into multiple QuickTime movies.Marker Editor v1.0.1: Add and edit a movie's QuickTime chapter markers.Split Sides of Conversation v1.0: Split a recorded Skype or iChat call into local and remote movie files.Convert For Internet v1.0: Convert a recorded iChat or Skype call into a form sufficient for uploading to a web site such as YouTube. This collection of seven drag-and-drop converters provide a quick and easy way to extract movie tracks and convert QuickTime movies to MP3, AAC or AIFF format for podcasts and sharing. Just drag a movie file to one the program icons and it will take care of the rest. These utilities were designed for use with Call Recorder for Skype and Conference Recorder for iChat AV but can be used with any movie file.
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