GreatVideo! provides everything you need to download, convert and use video files recorded from consumer DVD Video recorders and camcorders on an Apple OS 10.4 system. Standard movie DVD discs are formatted in the "VOB" file format. When recording to DVD-R/W or DVD-RAM discs, DVD Video recorders and camcorders record live video to the Video Recording ("VR") format, a slightly different format specified by the DVD Forum for this application. They only use the VOB format when recording to DVD-R (write once) discs. GreatVideo! is the first and only software application that mounts, reads, copies and converts recordable VR and VOB formatted DVD discs automatically to any QuickTime video format for editing, authoring and mastering on a Mac 10.4 system. GreatVideo! performs "drag & drop" conversion of VR and VOB format DVD video files to 23 industry standard video file formats, including Mpeg-4, H.264, Sorenson, Motion JPEG and many others. VR format discs, which are not support by Mac OS 10.4, are mounted using the software�?�¢�¢?�¬�¢?�¢s proprietary File system driver. Selected DVD video files are de-multiplexed into an audio file and a video file, and converted to the selected video format before being written to the user selected disk drive. Great Video! uses QuickTime as a conversion platform to convert files to traditional video formats readable by most popular video editing, authoring and playing software, including Apple Final Cut Pro Adobe Premier and QuickTime Pro software.
Operating System Mac OS X 10.4 Intel Mac OS X 10.4 PPC Mac OS X 10.5 PPC Mac OS X 10.5 Intel Macintosh
System RequirementsQuickTime 7