ShoutScan works like a spider crawling the web (www) for you. Download many thousands PLS files in a matter of minutes or save in ASX or M3U format for easy play back in Windows Media Player! This easy-to-use tool very solid and you get lots of features to find exactly the type of radio stations you are looking for! Shout Scan is ideal for building a local list of shoutcast stations suitable for use with the XBOX Media player (XBMP) or XBOX Media Center (XBMC) Features : Download all Genres in a single run! Specify the number of playlist files/Stations downloaded per genre. Choose a specific genre to be downloaded Select the minimum bitrate and/or maximum bitrate of stations to be downloaded! Download Stations with highest bitrate first! Scan after upto 5000 Stations in each Genre! Speed up PLS download using Fast Scan! Search for specific Stations by name or description of music! PLS for Stations for via Search are easily found in the Search sub Folder. Format the playlists (pls) filenames! Save in PLS, M3U or ASX format for playback in most media players including WinAmp! Save in ASX format and play directly in Windows Media Player! Scan after MP3 or AAC+ Stations! Ideal for XBOX Media player (XBMP) and XBOX Media Center (XBMC)! Beautiful and Simple User Interface you will love!
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Operating System Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2003 Windows XP Windows Windows Vista Windows 2000
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