The new Pooch QuickTime Exporter plug-in automatically parallelizes video compression from video-editing applications. It extracts the source video data, partitions them, then assigns other nodes their data. The compressed video data is then returned for sorting and assembly into the final movie. Once installed in /Library/QuickTime/, this plug-in can be accessed via iMovie or Final Cut via its Export feature, so any QuickTime movie can be compressed in parallel from these video editing applications. The ability to compress multiple movies, each with its own compression setting permutation, at the same time. This feature is useful for "bracketing" video compression settings or producing multiple formats at once. Support for H.264 multipass video encoding and sound compression codecs including AAC, Lossless, MACE, A-Law, u-Law, QDesign Music, and IMA. When possible, output movies are automatically flattened with fast start for easy Internet streaming distribution. Known issues: No stereo to mono audio coversion; Adobe After Effects errors
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