Scheduled Audio Broadcaster

A smart application that lets you schedule music or sound effects to be played at a given time to avoid manual intervention or contact. You can broadcast music and program on scheduled time by using Scheduled Audio Broadcaster, control the length of time and play date, that's all automatically. It can be used to control working time automatically in schools, Kindergarten, Exhibition halls, factories as well as other departments. Scheduled Audio Broadcaster can replace the traditional bell or artificial broadcasting systems. At the same time, it also can be applied to parks, ballroom, shopping malls, bars. It can become your intimate friend for you to enjoy music before sleep and get up. The interface is fairly simple to use. To create a task using the "Add" button and from the pop-up windows choose your settings and name. The ready-to-go tasks are going to be displayed in the preview panel at the top of the UI. Also, from there you can modify their details or delete them. Furthermore, you can add media files based on URLs: this facilitates the setup process as you can take media files directly from the web without the need to download them to your system. In conclusion, Scheduled Audio Broadcaster is a neat app that lets you schedule music or other audio effects during a party or any other event. Features: play music at set time. supports most common audio and video formats. power on/off computer at set time (must supported by motherboard). control music's length. play sound is forbidden at some days (for example Saturday, Monday, New Year's Day, National day.) rebroadcast exterior program, as output of acoustics equipment, broadcasting station program. Arrange different program everyday. can set 1024 group playlists. can set individual volume levels for playlists full-screen playback mode
Price USD99.98
License Free to try
File Size 4.2 MB
Version 16.9
Operating System Windows 8 Windows Vista Windows 2003 Windows XP Windows Windows 7 Windows 10 Windows Server 2008