Bass Guitar Note Trainer

SUMMER SALE! 20% OFF.Bass Guitar Note Trainer is a tool to assist in learning the 4-string, 5-string and 6-string bass guitar notes. This app provides all you need to meet this goal, in an intuitive and flexible way. It is useful as for beginners, so for bass guitarists who already have basic skills and want to make them perfect.Bass Guitar Note Trainer is a good choice for learning notes (C/D/E, Do/Re/Me notation), octaves, sight reading (music staff notation) and ear training.The tuning of audio bass guitar simulator can be customized in any way in range from C (subcontra octave) to A (2 line octave) with different sounds (clean, acoustic, contrabass).We recommend using headphones when training with the app due to the fact that low musical notes sound very quiet, especially on a mobile device that cannot fully convey the full range of bass frequencies.The fretboard explorer mode includes the following features: display/hide all notes, display only natural notes (without sharp and flat notes), display accidental notes (only sharp and flat notes) highlight the same notes or octave you would like to focus on real or diagram fretboard display staff note or/and play note on touching fretboardThe fretboard trainer mode includes the following features: Customizable trainer profile that defines area on fretboard you would like to focus on. Trainer can generate 8 types of questions: identify fret (locate the note on string), identify note (identify the note displayed on fretboard), identify the same notes (find all the same notes on the fretboard), identify staff note (identify the note displayed on staff), locate staff note on the fretboard (locate the staff note on string), identify the same staff notes (locate the same staff notes on fretboard), identify note by ear (identify heard note), locate the playing note on the fretboard (identify the note by ear and locate it on the fretboard) Full statistics tracking for each note and totals for trainer profile: number of total question, number of correct answers, percent, average time of reaction and total time of training.The app includes the following general features: 3 bass guitars (4-string, 5-string, 6-string) Right and Left handed fretboard Sound volume control 3 types of bass sounds (clean, acoustic, contrabass) Note explorer theme (2 colors of displayed notes)By using the application for a few minutes each day it is possible to quickly learn all of the notes (in any notation) on the bass guitar fretboard.Recent changes:1.1+ New type of question for trainer mode: Locate the playing note on the fretboard (identify the note by ear and locate it on the fretboard)+ New option for the trainer profile to select the notes you would like to focus on: All notes/Natural/Accidental+ Highlight the natural/accidental octave notes in explorer mode* Sound volume control is adjusted to the system media sound volume control* Important improvements and added support for Nexus 7- Bugs fixedContent rating: Everyone
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File Size 7.35 MB
Version 1.1
Operating System Android, Android 2.3.3 - Android 2.3.7
System Requirements Compatible with 2.3.3 and above.