Epic Space War Sounds and FX

Theres probably not another app out there, at least, anywhere in this galaxy that gives you as much spacey audio excellence or this many stellar ringtones, notifications and alert sounds as you get with Epic Space War Sounds and FX.--- Attention Folks: New Promotional Price for a Limited Time in April ---Over 60 space war, alien battle sound effects, six sci-fi and alien war battle soundscapes, and beyond all that sonic power, you get six one minute custom movie songs from nationally recognized composer David Levy. So ask yourself, do you want to experience epic sounds from galaxies far far away? Just pennies for major megabytes of sound. Try this shining star of an app and maybe youll find these may be the sounds of the droids youve been looking for!Epic Space War Sounds and FX includes:Blasters and Space Warfare - Battle scene sounds including weaponry like: blasters, laser rifles, plasma pistols, hovercrafts, a proton cannon and storm trooper cannons. Includes explosions like: alien and plasma bombs and energy implosions and discharges. Robots and Gadgets - This is a custom collection that is both unique and original. These complex sound effects make great ringtones and alarms with mechanical transformer style. Including: Repair Bot Malfunction, Robot Pimp Slap, Power Generators and more.Space Soundscapes - Mysterious and eerie, these soundscapes give you a live, in-game feeling like an alien is creeping behind you and breathing down your neck. Six one-minute tracks of spine chilling atmosphere.Cinematic Songs Movie style tracks by composer David Levy, these eight one minute tracks will inspire and move you with the epic essence of a space action thriller. Dont spill your popcoooorn!Send a Blast-o-gram - Our special bonus feature at no extra charge, we give you some ballistic inspiration to share some space with your friends. Blast-o-grams include images for you to share with your favorite social network or, just send one with your custom message to your favorite resident alien. Epic Space War Sounds and FX may be the ultimate Hollywood blockbuster soundboard and FX App youve been looking for. Youre getting professionally designed sounds and nationally acclaimed sci-fi theme songs on your favorite mobile device. Try it today and write a review you crazy space alien animal!Content rating: Everyone
File Size47.37 MB
Operating System Android Android 2.3.3 - Android 2.3.7
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.