Rain Soundscape

Are you tired of the same boring rain sound loops? Can you count the number of seconds until the next thunder clap? Wish you could add some wind chimes, or even just some wind into the mix?Using the magic of Foley Artistry, mother nature, and a little chaos from a random number generator, Rain Soundscape creates and mixes a complete experience from your selections in real time. Most rain sound apps have a single pre-recorded loop of sound that they play over and over (and over and over) until your ears fall off. Rain Soundscape uses nearly 50 different sounds and a cleverly built sound engine to paint an audio landscape for the mind. Listen to the calls of a mockingbird over the backdrop of rolling thunder, or sit on a wind-swept porch as the rain courses through the roof-top gutters.Using intuitive sliders, you set which sounds you want to add to the ever changing mix. Set the rain bar on low to hear the ebb and flow with the movement virtual storm cells; move it to high, add a little wind and some distant thunder, and you've created your very own desert storm. Become a sound engineer and create the mix you want to hear!Use this app to relax, fall asleep, study, or even background filler for a stage production. Perfect for white noise, riki, meditation, and other low-activity settings. The custom sound engine guarantees that no two storms will ever be quite alike, even after hours of playback.Additional features include a shut-off timer, presets, and a beta version of the alarm. The alarm will be completed next release, and will feature multiple alarms with preset selection. This app will also continue playing your rain soundscape even if you get a text message or browse the web. Finally, this version is free of advertisements.Try before you buy! Because of the complexity of the sound engine, not all devices are capable of running this app in a smooth and efficient manner (if at all). Try the free version before buying the paid one just in case your device does not support the sound engine.Requires two permissions:-------------------------Wake lock - To properly wake up the device when handling an alarm.Read phone state - To pause playback when a phone call comes in.Recent changes:Version 1.1.1----------------Hotfix for notification never going away. (Sorry!)Version 1.1 (Reddit Special)---------------Changed shut-off timer icon.-Adjusted a number of sounds-Fixed some device-specific bugs. Should work on more devices.-Cleaned up a lot of code; engine runs even smoother.-Added volume control (see advanced settings).-Added new cricket sound.-Added early implementation of fire.-Minor improvements to Alarm. Still in beta; completed alarm due next release!Content rating: Everyone
File Size2.73 MB
Operating System Android Android 2.3.3 - Android 2.3.7
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.