Black Omega

Black Omega is a high fidelity ASIO audio player guaranteed to render your music collection at bit perfect resolution. With over 14 years of personal research & development each audio decoder and output pathway has been developed from the ground up and fine tuned in order to seamlessly deliver a perfect audio stream. It is ideal for playback of modern HiRes FLAC files. Highlights * Playback of up to 192kHz and 24-bit depth. * 7.1 Surround Sound playback. * Integration with iTunes database. * Playback using ASIO interface for Windows. * Perfectly seamless playback. * Custom mp3, mp4, aac, alac, ogg, flac and wav decoders. * An intuitive and complete interface. Based on the philosophy that sound reproduction should be exactly as the original artist intended the audio playback engine ensures a bit-perfect audio stream is delivered directly to your computer's DAC hardware. Taking full advantage of your DAC's playback capacity the realtime critical process renders a perfect seamless surround sound or stereo signal whilst ensuring responsive playback controls. Black Omega has been designed to utilise the full playback capacity of modern 7.1 surround sound cards and multi-channel DACs. This makes this player unique in that it will playback 5.1 surround sound FLAC files perfectly or up/down mix it to match your specific speaker configuration. It can also play stereo tracks simultaneously through your front, surround and rear speakers totally immersing you in a sea of harmony. The vast majority of players use stock libraries to process and decode the various audio formats. Black Omega is unique because I have designed each of its decoders, from the ground up, for the supported audio format. Born from a desire to understand and master the maths and science of psychoacoustics and digital signal processing the development of each decoder has been a journey into algorithmic sorcery and digital alchemy built upon an ever expanding knowledge base.
Price USD 18
License Free to try
File Size 16.76 MB
Version 2.1.1
Operating System Windows, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
System Requirements ASIO Sound Driver