With 'All About' from 26Apps, you can easily create albums or presentations of your photos and other images on most Android devices! Each album page relates to an image stored either on the device or a USB drive connected to the device. You can add both written and oral narratives to any or all the album pages. After you create your All About album, add some music and then page through the album or have the album pages auto replay. Creating an All About widget for an album, provides a quick and easy way to replay it from the Home screen! For fun, find the Easter Eggs.Here are some obvious uses, but you can be as creative as you like:Your Vacation photo album.Create an album as a school project to show-off some outstanding graphics you've have created. Having the ability to add audio and written narratives lets you create a stand-alone presentation.Many business have TV's displayed in their offices for public consumption. Why not create your own business presentation and display it on Google TV?Your Wedding photo album can be shared with friends and family on Google TV.A presentation for work that can be displayed from your tablet at a team meeting.A photo album of a loved-one's life. The replay feature is so useful for individuals that may have accessibility issues, for example, it could provide hours of comfort for an Alzheimer's patient.Create a closed-caption presentation with ease.All About is really easy to use!All About runs on Android phones, tablets, and even Google TV!All About has been successfully tested on Android devices running Froyo, Android version 2.1 and up to and including Ice Cream Sandwich, Android version 4.03!All About is great way to share your stories, personal as well as professional. It's completely up to you!All About is fun. It even has some 'Easter Eggs'!All About is ad-free!All About is fully supported with useful videos, web support and responsive email interaction!Recent changes:v1.6 Improved the 'Go To Page' featurev1.5 Removed the unused android.permission.WRITE_SETTINGS permissi0nv1.5 Fixed the 'Hide Page Narrative' bugv1.4 Add the 'go to' page feature. v1.3 Corrected the microphone permission which should not be required. It is only optional.Content rating: Everyone
File Size491.45 kB
Operating System Android 2.3.3 - Android 2.3.7 Android
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.