uke pal free - Ukulele Tuner

Your Ukulele Friend! Tune your Ukulele in standard tuning (G-C-E-A) and lookup chords on the go. Simply tune your Uke by ear with or without automatic tuning advance and view chords in four toggle button groups: Major (Major, 6, 7), Minor (Minor, m6, m7), Sus (Sus2, Sus4) and Maj7 (Maj7, Dim7).----All Our Apps: changes:No more popups in the free version!This is the free version of uke pal. Upgrade to the full version and get more features:* Custom Tuning: Change pitch in semitone steps (transpose)* More Chords: Full and half-tone chords, bigger and clearer images*Ad free: No internet connection neededNote: If you don't hear a sound in the "tune" tab quit the app and restart. There seems to be a problem when the app goes in the background and comes on top again. We'll investigate in this issue.Content rating: Everyone
Price CAD0
License Free
File Size 810.5 kB
Version 1.2
Operating System Android 2.1 Android Android 2.2
System Requirements Compatible with 2.1 and above.