iThink Software proudly presents MenuTunes, the solution to your iTunes frustrations. MenuTunes provides a system-wide interface for interacting with Apple's iTunes music jukebox, with multiple interfaces to control and receive feedback from iTunes. MenuTunes provides a convenient system-wide menu for utilizing common iTunes functions such as playback control, track information display and rating, playlist and track selection, track browsing, equalizer preset selection, and much more. In addition, the menu is yours to customize to any configuration you can imagine, so that your most used functions are always close at hand. In addition to the system-wide menu, MenuTunes also provides you with the ability to set system-wide keyboard shortcuts. As an example, you could configure a key on your keyboard to instantly toggle the playing/paused state of iTunes at any time, no matter what application you're currently using. However, you are not limited to only toggling the playing/paused state of iTunes with keyboard shortcuts, but you can also change iTunes' volume, modify the current track's rating (with incremental and preset rating modes), see a list of upcoming tracks in the currently selected playlist, change the current track, and more, all with a press of a key from any application.
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