MegaSeg 2.0 is like iTunes on steroids. Where iTunes is an excellent consumer-level music player, MegaSeg shines as the perfect professional DJ mixer! In addition to MegaSeg's already famous library search and categorizing system, allowing users to find requests instantly, MegaSeg's cross-fade and new beat mixing capabilities adds features professional DJ's require... including Multiple Outputs for independent Cue and Program channels using your Mac's built-in output in conjunction with an added USB audio output, like the $35 Griffin iMic (which has both output and input functionality). With an iMic added to your Mac, you have TWO stereo outputs that MegaSeg can use independently from each other, allowing you to play music to a crowd at the same time you cue and preview the next song in your headphones! MegaSeg is a cinch to use, and unlike those cumbersome mixer programs for Windows systems, MegaSeg was built from the ground up to play nice with Apple computers.
Price USD169
License Purchase
File Size 1.62 MB
Version 2.1b3
Operating System Macintosh Mac OS Classic Mac OS X 10.0 Mac OS X 10.1
System Requirements
  • Mac OS 9 - OS X