TronMe is your passport to creating music your way. It is a fully interactive experience in which you take control of your favorite music tracks. You are about to get the chance to remix your own version of the music using a simple click of the mouse. There are three ways in which you can personalize your music. The first is to download a track in the full interactive format. This is the most interactive experience you can have. In full IVS format all the different elements of the song are broken down so that you can play and rebuild it to your heart's content. You can also download tracks in basic IVS that allow you to loop inside parts of the track and you can rebuild the song in this way. Finally, you can convert your own mp3 in basic IVS format for free and there are lots of visual effects available to you to make your video look just right. Don't forget you can control the music by movements on your webcam so don't just sit there. Dance, jump, move and make your video look as good as the music sounds. Once you are happy with your remix you can share your video with the world. You can broadcast live on Live Messenger, Skype and Mogolus or you can record as an .avi or .mp3 and post your track onto youtube! Who knows, fame could be just around the corner. So the only decision you have to make now is which song you are going to remix first.
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