THE MOST SIMPLE AND COMPLETE BICYCLE REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE GUIDE ON THE PLAY STOREREPAIRS58 highly detailed photo repair guides, with over 300 studio quality photos (with parts highlighted).95 bicycle tips and tricks, including common aches and pains while on the bike (there are simple things to do to get rid of that knee pain).WEATHERFrom the main screen you have access to your current local weather and today's forecast. It also suggests you what to wear based on the temperature.MY BIKESGather all information about your bike's parts, keep a history of the maintenance tasks you have performed and even add reminder on tasks to be performed.Connect your bike to Strava and get its odometer downloaded automatically to trigger reminders (eg.: Check the wear of your chain before it's too stretched)The next time the bike shop asks you a question about your bike, or when you shop for parts online, you will have every detail about your bike in your pocket.SPARE PARTS INVENTORYKeep the inventory of all your spare parts with photos in Bike Repair!Do you remember if you have a spare derailleur hanger or brake pads in your garage? Where is it?All that information can be added and searched as needed.QUICK REFERENCEFor things we do often but cant remember. Like what's the side to turn the wrench to remove the pedals? Or should I tighten the H or the L screw?WHAT SHOULD I WEARYou don't remember what you should wear when it's 8C (46F)? Don't worry, check our suggestions list.OTHER FEATURESUse our server to backup and synchronize your data with all your devices for FREE!Save money the first time you use Bike Repair App by doing the repairs yourself.Fixing your shifting problem, derailleur noises, brakes rubbing on the wheel, flat tire, broken chain, pedal removal, hydraulic brakes, etc has never been easier.Bike Repair demystify every basic repairs and maintenance routines, plus some intermediate to advanced ones.Written in plain English, the easy to understand instruction guides are perfect for casual and serious riders alike.Most of the repairs don't require any special tools.The full list of all guides and problems covered is available at
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Version 7.0.3
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 5.0 and up