Experience the Beretta World through the iPad application factory Virtual tour, Firearms, Clothing Collections and a taste of History about Beretta brand.Fabbrica dArmi Pietro Beretta S.p.A. is an Italian company born from the dream and capability of a renaissance craftsman. Thanks to the courage, vision and skills of its lineage, its name has earned international status for its high-tech content, performance and for the Italian style that distinguishes its products. Passed down through 15 generations of the Beretta family, the company was already active in Gardone Valtrompia in the 1400s and its work has been documented since 1526.Industriousness, inventiveness, traditional methods, attention to the needs of its customers and its craftsmen, as well as ongoing research, technological improvement and state-of-the-art manufacturing methods are the foundation on which Beretta has built its image. Since 1526 its competition and military firearms have brought the trademark of thishistorical gun manufacturer.Production and Design work together with Marketing and Sales to develop newproducts and meet the customers requirements.Marketing and Sales also use modern IT systems to provide the maximum support for the peripheral organizations and promptly meet market demand.Beretta's output is approximately 1,500 weapons per day and covers just about the entire range of portable weapons: over-and-under and side-by-side rifles for hunting and competition in different calibers and finish grades, semiautomatic rifles and carbines, express double rifles, semiautomatic pistols (from.22 short to.45 automatic calibers), and assault rifles. An estimated 90% of Berettas production consists of sporting firearms, with more than 75% of its arms being exported to about one hundred countries.The Beretta Clothing & Accessories line is sold in leading gun shops in Europe and America, and also through the Shop in Shop chain, specialized outlets designed specifically to accommodate large exclusive Beretta showrooms.Join Beretta at www.beretta.com and become a B-club member!
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