MLB Stats

Complete Major League Baseball statistics are available instantly. MLB Stats has all the MLB stats on your mobile device. An Internet connection is not required to retrieve records from any year, any team or your favorite player(s).Complete 2017 Major League Baseball statistics are now available.Current year (2018) stats are will be available to update on a daily basis after the start of the 2018 season.All MLB individual, team, career and season statistics and records are at your fingertips, including complete last year (2017) stats.Now with filtering by player position. Perfect for MLB Silver Slugger award selection voting.The perfect companion for watching MLB on TV. Great for research for Fantasy League baseball drafts.WAR (Wins Above Replacement) has been added to Batting and Pitching stats.A "FAN" team is available. Add your fantasy/favorite players to the "FAN" team to follow through the season.At a ballgame with a poor connection? No problem with MLB Stats. All stats are returned immediately from the database kept on the mobile device.Data is presented in a spreadsheet-like fashion and sorting of any stat is achieved by clicking on any column header.Looks fantastic on tablets like the Nexus 7. All data sheets are completely scalable, meaning you can adjust the font size to suit your preferences. Selectable color schemes are available for all display items.Filters can be used for your favorite team, favorite year or league. Set qualifying filters for minimum number of "At Bats" and "Innings Pitched" for a single year or for career records.Want to know who won the World Series in 2001? Set the year and touch the "Team Batting or Team Pitching icon to return all team based stats for that year. Touch the Team name to drill down for all the players on that team. Touch individual player for that player's career stats, awards and player Bio.Want to know who had the most doubles in the 1990's? Set the "Maximum" year filter to 1999 and the "Minimum" year filter to 1990. Touch the "Career Batting" icon to display the results and sort by column "2B" for doubles.
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