Jetting for TM KZ1/ KZ2 Kart

This app provides for the current weather conditions and a given engine configuration (engine model, floats, carb bore, emulsion tube type, floats, oil ratio, fuel type), 12 jetting recommendations for TM K9, K9B, K9C, KZ10, KZ10B, KZ10C, KZ-R1 engines that have DellOrto VHSH 30 carbs. This app can obtain automatically the position and altitude to get the temperature, pressure and humidity from the nearest weather station thought internet. Internal barometer is used on supported devices for better precision. If more accuracy is needed, a portable weather station can also be used. - 12 different jetting setups - For each jetting setup, the following values are given: main jet, emulsion tube, needle type and position (including intermediate positions with washer), throttle valve, idle jet (outer pilot jet), idle emulsifier (inner pilot jet), air screw position - Fine tuning for all these values - History of all your jetting setups - Graphic display of fuel mix quality (Air/Flow Ratio or Lambda) - Support two idle emulsion tube types (DP or DQ) - Selectable throttle valve Size - Selectable carb bore - Selectable fuel octane - Adjustable fuel/oil ratio - large selection of floats - Adjustable floats height - Mix wizard to get the perfect mix ratio (fuel calculator) - Carburetor ice warning - Supports international configuration - Possibility of use automatic weather data or a portable weather station. - let you use different measure units: Celsius and Fahrenheit for temperatures, meter and feet for altitude, liters, ml, gallons, oz for fuel, and mb, hPa, mmHg, inHg atm for pressures.
Price USD 14.99
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Version 1.0
Operating System iPhone OS 4.x, iOS, iPhone OS 3.x, iPhone OS 2.x, iPhone OS 1.x
System Requirements None