Kreidesee Scuba Diving by Ocean Maps

Ocean Maps offers the world's first interactive underwater sonar maps of dive-sites in 3D for scuba divers and snorkelers.Discover the best dive sites in 3D at one of the most visited dive site in Germany: Kreidesee in Hemmoor. We are happy to introduce this unique diving location with 3 scuba dive sites, 8 tours and 20 hotspots, ready for exploration! Prepare for your underwater adventure with our interactive dive simulations in a 3D environment based on exact geographical data.PREPARE FOR YOUR DIVE WITH 3D DIVE SIMULATIONPre-discover dive sites in natural view to prepare for your diving adventures. Scuba Diving by Ocean Maps is very helpful with avoiding common diving issues like disorientation - for both beginners and professionals. While hand-drawn maps are known to have low accuracy, our maps are based on high-resolution sonar, video and satellite data to achieve the most accurate site visualization. Make use of the interactive first-person 3D dive mode to explore underwater worlds in advance and safely.« Ocean Maps is my daily companion when preparing and planning my next world records. » - Nik Linder, Mares TeamDIVE SAFELY WITH OCEAN MAPSOcean Maps wants you to dive safely. Personalize your user information like tank size, RMV and level of training, and our app will calculate your maximum diving depth and show you which areas of the selected divesite are available for you. Explore divespots on the region map based on location, accessibility and level of difficulty. Get exclusive briefing information including tour, hotspot and dive site descriptions and useful safety tips, all provided by our trusted regional partner dive instructors.« For me as a diving instructor, security and preparation have the highest priority. Through Ocean Maps I am able to do exact dive planning and preparation that really stays in the head. » - Markus Rudolf, Scuba Diving InstructorFIND YOUR NEW FAVORITE TOUR AND DIVESPOTExplore Hotspots like a sunken plane or a lorry on the ground of the lake. Try a dive into the ,,Ruttler" and explore the hidden underwater worlds like never before.We regularly update our maps to give you even more insights into these beautiful underwater worlds.« I am blown away by the immerse experience. Ocean Maps is an awesome tool for every ambitious diver. I can't wait to use even more reefs. » - Helmut Wipplinger, SharkprojectEXPLORE DIVE SITES INTERACTIVELYInspect the reef in four different views (terrain, natural, depth and your custom depth view). Gather information on the dive site and watch photos made by other divers. Dive the reef in different seasons, try different tours and visit the best hotspots. Explore underwater worlds like never before!We continuously extend and improve our app, so make sure to regularly check for updates! We would also love to hear your feedback in order to even further develop app features for you!
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsRequires iOS 7.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.