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The frequency of the channels that transport the World Cup Russia 2018 is what is looking for a lot now around the world, and in the Arab world, especially that if they are fans of football, everyone is waiting for the World Cup to encourage his country and with the start of the whistle for the start of the first World Cup World Cup Russia 2018 wonders All of the channels that will broadcast the 2018 World Cup Russia Games will certainly broadcast a lot of channels, most of which will mostly be coded channels, and a few open channels that have taken permission to broadcast from FIFA.FIFA has given statements to some channels to broadcast the 2018 World Cup. The names of these channels have been published.In all countries through its official statement on the website.According to the FIFA report there is a channel in every country authorized to broadcast World Cup matches Russia 2018.The frequency of the open channels for the World Cup 2018Here is what sports fans around the world are looking for in the open-air channels of the World Cup in Russia. Here you will find a complete file of all the free channels for the 2018 World Cup, with a constant update of any channels broadcast by the live broadcast of the 2018 World Cup in Russia.Important reports// Thursday, June 1417:00 Russia - Saudi Arabia DAS ERSTE// Friday, June 1513:00 Egypt - Uruguay DAS ERSTE15:00 Morocco - Iran DAS ERSTE17:00 Portugal - Spain DAS ERSTE// Saturday 16 June11:00 France - Australia ZDF14:00 Argentina - Iceland ZDF17:00 Peru - Denmark ZDF20:00 Croatia - Nigeria ZDF// Sunday 17 June13:00 Costa Rica - Serbia vs ZDF16:00 Germany - Mexico vs ZDF19:00 Brazil - Switzerland ZDF// Monday, June 1813:00 Sweden - South Korea DAS ERSTE16:00 Belgium - Panama DAS ERSTE19:00 England - Tunisia DAS ERSTE// Tuesday 19 June13:00 Poland - Senegal ZDF16:00 Colombia - Japan ZDF 19:00 Russia - Egypt ZDF// Wednesday, June 2013:00 Portugal - Morocco DAS ERSTE16:00 Uruguay - Saudi Arabia DAS ERSTE19:00 Iran - Spain DAS ERSTE//Thursday, June 2113:00 France - Peru ZDF16:00 Denmark - Australia ZDF19:00 Argentina - Croatia ZDF//Friday, June 2213:00 Brazil - Costa Rica vs ZDF16:00 Nigeria - Iceland ZDF19:00 Serbia - Switzerland ZDF// Saturday, June 2313:00 Belgium - Tunisia DAS ERSTE16:00 Germany - Sweden DAS ERSTE19:00 South Korea - Mexico DAS ERSTE// Sunday, June 2413:00 England - Panama DAS ERSTE16:00 Japan - Senegal DAS ERSTE19:00 Poland - Colombia DAS ERSTE// Monday 25 June15:00 Uruguay - Russia ZDF15:00 KSA - Egypt ZDFinfo19:00 Spain - Morocco ZDF19:00 Iran - Portugal ZDFinfo// Tuesday, June 2615:00 Denmark - France DAS ERSTE15:00 Australia - Peru ONE19:00 Iceland - Croatia DAS ERSTE19:00 Nigeria - Argentina ONE// Wednesday, June 2715:00 Mexico - Sweden ZDF15:00 South Korea - Germany ZDFinfo19:00 Serbia - Brazil ZDF19:00 Switzerland - Costa Rica ZDFinfo// Thursday, June 2815:00 Senegal - Colombia DAS ERSTE15:00 Japan - Poland One19:00 England - Belgium DAS ERSTE19:00 Panama - Tunisia ONE
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