Shuttlefly Badminton Footwork Training

Shuttlefly is a detailed Badminton rally simulator that helps you train your footwork. It has 8 training modes to choose from and 12 different Badminton shots to practice your footwork on. The higher level you choose the more advance shots will be available.You can finally train alone effectively without a coach or partner. You can use Shuttlefly by simply finding an open area or a real badminton court and place the phone in a middle front area facing you. The blue icon represents you and where you are supposed to be. The red icon is your AI opponent. The training screen draws out a real badminton court. You use footwork to run to the area relative to the blue icon from the screen. The blue icon also specifies what kind of shot you should play and the shuttle icon indicates the location you should play to. The red icon is your imaginary opponent and you train by responding to the shots that it plays. This is an advance version of the six point shadow footwork drill people are used to doing. You can't predict the next shot so it simulates real game situations. This will help you improve your speed, stamina, and reaction time!
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None