Russia 2018 Calculator

The football World Cup is the most important sport event in the world, every 4 years the best teams go for the glory.This year, between June 14 and July 15, the 2018 World Cup takes place.Download the application and follow your team to the top.As in the days when we filled out a paper fixture, you can load the results but you can also see the automatic calculation of the positions of each group.With the Russia 2018 Calculator you will get all the information of the World Cup Russia 2018, follow the matches through an interactive calendar with place, date and time updated according to where you are.Put the results, predict and also calculate the positions of the groups and the possible matches of the round of 16, quarterfinal, semifinal and final of the World Cup 2018.Meet the possible opponents of your favorite team in Russia 2018 through the fixture.Most relevant features of the Application:- Calendar of matches with places, dates and times according to the local configuration of the device.- Matches by group and day.- It allows to load the results of matches, including definition by penalties if necessary.- Groups with their positions.- Classification regulations.- Calculation of positions according to the regulation and possibility of breaking a tie manually.- Calculation of second stage matches.- View of Brackets of knockout phase.- Share results.- Offline operation.- Languages: english, spanish, french, german and portuguese.
Operating System Android