Best Shoulder Workouts

"The shoulders are not the easiest part of the body to train, mainly because going too big with the weight on what is a delicate and complicated joint can put you at risk of injury, but it's vital to make sure you do schedule in some shoulder-specific workouts as a regular part of your gym routine. That's because the shoulders play an Oscar-worthy supporting role every time you do chest and back exercises, and so neglecting them is going to undermine much of your other work in the gym.There are three heads that make up the shoulder muscle - the anterior (front delt), medial (side delt), and posterior (rear delt) - so you need to do a workout that hits all of them, along with the trapezius muscle in the upper back, for a truly satisfying shoulder session. And, would you believe it, you can find such a workout right here.In this app you'll find the best shoulder workout that's hits all the muscles mentioned above. Try adding the workout to your routine and you'll be amazed at how fast your shoulders grow."
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