Stopwatch And Timer

Everybody needs a stopwatch at some point and there's never one around!Now a simple, Stopwatch and Countdown timer will be always available when you need it.This timer is really simple and easy to use. Perfect for any task that requires accurate timekeeping including cooking, pc and board games, many different sports, homework or an infinite number of situations.Is also a simple alarm clock, timer, and free stopwatch that offers a amazing user experience for all your timing needs.You can also set alarms, configure which notifications and sounds to use. It has time countdowns. Perfect for training sports, such as running, chess, or tabata timer for HIIT workout.Main Features:Minimalistic and clean design.You can set alarms with two time pickers! designed for ease of use.You can see all of your timers in one scrollable list, and edit each one easily.Design styles: choose the style you like best.Totally free.
Operating System Android