Challenger Jogging & Cycling

Challenger is the most advanced sport app!Our main goals are:- connect users in real time, giving the chance to running or cycling to friends that for agenda or location reasons wouldn't have the chance to practice together- add the same motivation to an individual activity as you were in a gym or practicing with a groupPerfect for: running, jogging, biking, cycling, mountain bike, hiking, trekking, walking, skiing and any other outdoor activity for which you want to monitor your performances, improve them and compare in real time with a friend or opponent!Improve your performances! Loos weight! Burn calories! Get a perfect body! Beat your opponents! Get classifies in world ranking by category!Challenger can be used in 4 different modes:1.NO CHALLENGESimilarly to other sport's app track your performance with instantaneous speed, average pace, elevation, time, real time GPS map location)2.CHALLENGE YOURSELFBeat yourself! After your first performance get on track again and try to improve it seeing in real time where you were the day before! Like you were running with somebody else! No matter if you run another path: Challenger will recalculate where you would be with your first performance parameter during you second performance! Listen to the real voice coach in real time to find out if you are ahead or chasing your first yourself! Train daily pushing yourself to the limit! Get motivated by somebody that knows you better than anyone else: yourself!3.CHALLENGE ANOTHER USERGet the chance to run or cycle with friends even if they cannot come with you for agenda problems, or even if they live somewhere else!Run today in New York City against your friend that ran yesterday evening in Paris while you where sleeping!Challenger will recalculate where your friend would be if he was running with you in New York City! You'll see him on Challenger GPS as he was there!4.CHALLENGER VIRTUAL USERSDon't you a friend to run or bike with? Beat the computer! Like in a video game you can choose several virtual users we created for you that run at different paces and distances! Run against John Back in Manhattan for 6.7km or against Antonie Clavier in Paris for 12.6km!CHALLENGER ON WORLD WIDE WEB (RANKING)www.challengerapp.itCHALLENGER ON SOCIAL NETWORKS- ON YOUTUBEChallenger App also for iWatch, connected to health's devices and for indoor activities!Try up to 4 performances with the free version!
Operating System Android