I Know Tennis! is the mobile app to learn and understand the rules of the game. It is a fun and quick way to learn the sport's rules as you decide what to do in real life tennis examples. This app is for new officials, experienced players wanting a refresher, beginning players, and parents waiting for a game to start. This app will entertain and educate through a series of questions with the official answer. You can take the entire quiz, or select from a variety of a mini-quizzes on specific topics. I Know Tennis! walks you through real life on-court challenges, category by category. From Serving & Receiving to Game Delays to Faults & Lets, you will answer question after question, discovering how an official would rule on each court challenge. If you are a parent waiting for your child's game to begin, quickly run through a few questions before your child's match. By the end of the season, you'll be a master! If you are a new official, dare to take the full quiz and test your skills on all the rules in a comfortable and entertaining way. If you are a player headed for USTA Sectionals, enjoy a refresher on tennis rules before your match. You will have a better understanding of the rules and play with more confidence on the court.
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