Volleycoach manages your team, evaluates your o athletes and improve them. You can:- add your players and evaluate their attack, defence, pass, and dig-Select your first team -visualize a graph about the avrage ratings for your team. (Find out where you need to improve!) -make a digital practice to propose it in the gym- check the duration of the exercises.-take notes of your players purposes and technical defectsSection: Create Practice You can plan your practice and propose it in the gym to improve your team .You can describe or draw an exercise on a volleyball field.Section: View PracticeView the workouts you've created while you're at the gym. You also have a stopwatch to check the duration of the exercises.Section: Statistics This app can calculate your first team avrage ratings. From here you can see on which fundamentals your team is lacking.Sections: team Make your players profile where you describe their technical defects and take notes about their purpose, with it you will improve their evaluations.
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