Rodeo, a sport involving a series of riding and roping contests derived from the working skills of the American cowboy as developed during the second half of the 19th century to support the open-range cattle industry in North America. Although its development as a sport occurred mainly in northern Mexico, the United States, and western Canada, rodeo's popularity is global. In particular, many similar events and competitions can be found in South America, including the coleo of Venezuela and Colombia. The charreada of Mexico is a similar competition that evolved from the haciendas of colonial Mexico; its rodeo-like events are typically not timed but judged in terms of artistic merit.Being a rodeo man you will be able to Ride through the wild stampede on the backs of buffalo, elephants, and all types of exotic animalsCatch and befriend animals of all shapes and sizesThis is an Endless Runner AdventureWith knowledge present in this app , you will be able to Saddle up and wrassle with the stampede-iest critters this side of the Savannah like a real rodeo man. Lions and Tigers and Bears are no match for this rodeo star. Armed with a lasso and a ten-gallon hat, swing from the backs of stampeding buffalo, elephants, ostrich and more. When the stampede's over, the Zoo begins! This is one wild ride that you will not want to miss - yeehaw
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